October 23rd, 2022
in Leverkusen

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Gallery Flow Fine Art
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Jana Dettmer - Painting

Jana Dettmer's strength is the abstract painterly expression. In addition to the traditional tool of the brush, the artist also uses spatulas and squeegees. The resulting broad structures of the colors create fascinating landscapes, the random mixing of colors and the smoothing of the material create images of touching abstraction. Each painting becomes an experiment; a tangible visual poetry.

Alfred Karl Maria Kreutzberg - Painting

Being an artist with a highly recognisable expression, Alfred has lived with Parkinson's disease for more than 28 years, this makes his work special. His motto: Every day celebrates the birth of a new image, rewarded by the joy and feelings of the viewer when he recognizes the soul of this image.

Günter Zörer - Photography

For Günter Zöhrer, photography is a path towards himself. It is like a meditation that does not need to be taught to anyone, because through the observation of nature a decelerating effect occurs. Through the devotion to nature, during a special moment, every "loud" and "everyday" thought disappears. It becomes quiet in the body and the person is automatically in the now. Günter Zöhrer's landscape photos show the incredible beauty of nature on this earth.

Markus Schürmeyer - Sculpturs

Markus Schürmeyer finds the artistic challenge he is looking for in stone as a working material. The hardness of stone offers the artist resistance; as a material, it can only be extracted and transformed through active destruction. In contrast to this is the formal principle of the bowl. As a vessel form, the bowl is receptive and passive. It absorbs, preserves, offers space and protection, is open. His works impress through artistic design and through their grace.

Marijke In den Bosch - Sculpturs

Marijke In den Bosch works clay with different oxides and bodystains. By heating the mold to different temperatures, surprising results are created; the ceramic sculptures thus get a special radiance. The most important inspiration for Marijke are the people who always give her new energy to experiment further, but she does not strive for anatomical correctness in her works.

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