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A N A T O L Y    B U R Y K I N

Anatoly Burykin was born in Moscow in 1950. He studied at the Institute of Architecture in Moscow where, having completed his studies, he taught drawing. Wassily Kandinsky, Konstantin Melnjkov, El Lissitzky, Aleksander Rodchenko inspired the artistic environment of the Institute. Anatoly has often said that his choice of abstract art stems directly from the unique atmosphere created by these famous artists. He has lived in Vienna, Austria since 1990 where he paints and undertakes artwork for international organizations.
His work has been exhibited in Moscow (Russia), Rovaniemi and Helsinki (Finland), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Padua and Sarmede (Italy). Since 2010 the artist has embarked on a new series devoted to city landscapes. In this series Anatoly draws his inspiration from the simplicity of architectural urban shapes, light and space. His paintings are to be found in private collections in Austria, Italy, Russia, Finland, France and the USA.

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His works develop in a slow and harmonic painting process, while he is applying the color layer over layer on the canvas. As a result of this the painting develops a play between disguise and exposure, which causes on the one hand liveliness and on the other hand balance. In this way his works are unmistakable. Through the last layer his paintings get final touches, which he provides with fine scratches. Though this his paintings get a special structure. His works can be found in private collections in Austria, Italy, Russia, Finland and in the USA.
More Information: www.burykin.net