P e r m a n e n t   E x h i b i t i o n

C H R I S T I A N    V O N    G R U M B K O W

"I paint no message, no idea, but I paint color ....!"

Christian von Grumbkow is a virtuoso of the paint. That is what the painter from Wuppertal in the last twenty-five years repeatedly demonstrated anew. Grumbkow plays, whether on canvas or wood, with all the possibilities of the medium of color, the transparent glaze until pasty relief, soft curves to living structures last. In this exhibition sets Grumbkow of its focus on the color blue. The use of related colors, diffused halftones and nuances, to avoid loud contrasts, allowing an almost meditative image viewing. At the same time, the eye is invited to scan the color and on a journey of discovery to go to the box-like and emotional associations permits.

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Exhibitions (selection)
2013 “NACHBARKÖPFE zwei” in Remscheid,Rathausplatz
“ARTE PADOVA” in Italy
“COLORFUL WHITE” in the FlowFineArt-Gallery
“FARBE IM FLUSS”- New Works in the Janzen-Galery in Wuppertal
2012 2. International Artevent“HinterzARTen”
2011 1. International Artevent “HinterzARTen”
“Life-Streams” Neubau-Volkswohl-Bund-Versicherungen, Dortmund
2010 “START 2010” Strasbourg Artfair, France
“Appassionata”, Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal
“Art-Haute-Rhin”, Alsace
Exhibtion “Art Karlsruhe”
2009 “Enno und Christa Springmann Stiftung”, Award show
“Vibrating Blue” in the FlowFineArt-Gallery
2007 “Cologne Fine Art”. Gallery Epikur, Wuppertal
“Ballkünstler-Künstlerball” City Museum Gelsenkirchen
“PATHS TO COLOR”, Gallery Tom Molenaars, Breda, NL
More Information: www.grumbkow-colors.de