H O M A G E   T O   A N N E   B A H R I N I P O U R

* 3rd December 1953                  † 25th August 2019  

The Flow Fine Art Gallery offers it's condolences.

Anne was for John and myself an especially lovely person with a lot of energy, a big heart and a talented artist.

She had a deep trust into life, she lived in the knowing that everything that happens is good as it is, even during her long sickness. This total acceptance of the higher plan has touched our hearts and I will always remember this.

Her passion for painting, her surrender to her very own creative flow lead to powerful and expressive paintings, that we appreciated very much. Anne has been an artist of our gallery since 2013 and we have shown her paintings in several exhibitions. We will miss her, as an artist and as a human being.
Thanks, Anne, for your power and your heart and for everything you shared with us so generously!

Jennifer Grasshoff
John David
Flow Fine Art Galerist

The Gallery Artists say Good-bye

Dear Anne,
I like to think of your kind and enthusiastic expression.
Your life was shaped by the idea of sharing "LOVE". Love for people, and especially for those who had a hard time. You did not get tired, always putting your skills into their service. But also the love for your family and for art. Now you have proceeded ....
We will miss you as a colleague, but also as a warmhearted woman. It is a gift to have known you.

Bettina Hachmann, Artist

Anne was a true and very fine artist, and a memorably sensitive, compassionate and cosmopolitan person. I feel privileged to have met Anne and to have exhibited with her.
I am uplifted to remember her.

Mark Harrington, Artist

Although Anne and I lived in the same city, we did not have much contact in everyday life. But when we met, the meeting was very cordial. Anne was always so present and interested in what was happening. Quickly there was a serious, but also happy mood together. In addition to the artistic work each of us was busy in our everyday lives with people who needed support.
Anne was always commitment in several social help projects and in the recent years, it was particularly the help for refugees, which took a lot of her time and energy. One could feel that Anne was supported by a strong sense of humanity, which gave her the drive and the power to do her work.
Anne will stay in my memory as a very loving person.

Klaus Schröder, Artist