H O M A G E   T O   P E T E R   R O Y E N

*  28th May 1923                     † 19th June 2013  

Holder of the Federal Cross of Merit

The Flow Fine Art Gallery offers it's condolences.


On my first visit to Peter’s studio, he opened the door and there was immediate love. Then we sat and drank tea from hand made cups, looking out to his wild garden. His studio was upstairs. He had lived in this house for many years with his wife Christine. The studio was small for the huge paintings Peter made. Piles of white paint tubes awaited his next painting.

In 2011 we had a special moment together. Planning his second exhibition at the Flow Fine Art Gallery we went up to his loft. There we found his original sculpture molds and, under a layer of dust, his original wood cuttings from the 1950s. These we exhibited as a mark of the love he had shared with his wife Christine for over sixty years.

Recently, in 2013, he was having lunch with us at an opening of our Permanent Gallery Exhibition, joking with his fellow artists but complaining of being tired. Just a few short days before he passed on, we met him at his ninetieth birthday party in the Dusseldorf Arts Club.

This photograph touches us as the loving connection we had with him at his farewell party is so evident. May we all be as sprightly and fun when we reach ninety. Goodbye Peter, we will miss your deep humanity.

John David
Flow Fine Art Gallery Director


A film from Werner Raeune
(In German only)