Printing Techniques & Drawing

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23 September - 25 November 2012

Erika John – Experimental Printing Techniques & Painting


Erika John, who lives in Wendland and Mallorca is touched and involved in what is happening around her. Her art reflects her inner dialogue that revolves around both politically explosive issues, and small events that move her heart.

Her work in graphic design and painting have symbolizing themes: "brittle", "cracks", "desierto" (Spanish for desert), which point to the fragility and destruction of human kind and nature.
In the center (of her work) is the human being with its alienation from itself, the earth, the animals, and their habitat. It is about looking behind the scenes, to resolve the contradiction of beauty and decay.

In her work Erika John has dealt with experimental printing techniques, and developed a special technique of painting on coated wood panels, instead using of the usual woodcut. The results are similar to the unique monotypes that reflect the intuitive working method of Erika John. She leaves room for the material and the means to find their own way.