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Exhibition from 10 October to 07 December 2013

Christian von Grumbkow

Exhibition from 07 July to 29 September 2013

Myriam Sardis - Painting

Myriam Sardis is a poetic painter from Paris, whose work is supported by a presence that carries the teachings of the time in it.
The color spaces that are created in layers of marble dust, pigments, oil and lime recall details of dilapidated walls, and rust patina, milky surfaces or seas of lava. Her works have a sensitive centeredness and are a reflection of the balance between strength and fragility.

More Information: Miriam Sardis

Bernd Bähner - Painting

Bernd Bähner's images can evoke a sense of wholeness in the viewer from their inherent silence and distance. Both in his city scenes as well as in his photographs he takes the extraordinary and beautiful things in everyday life. The pure, bright colors are a characteristic that stems from his long-standing love of Bali, and make the city views with their stylized forms surprising and fresh images.


Nicole Schlegel - Painting

Nicole Schlegel creates metaphorical, symbolic and associative spheres. The loosely formulated signs on a picturesque background evokes a feeling of narrative.
The lightness of the images arise from the balance between drawing composition and sensual choice color. By the painter subtly painting the light, she gives her pictures a floating effect and reveals the invisible to the human world.

Exhibition from 10 March to 12 May 2013

T h e   P e r m a n e n t    G a l l e r y   A r t i s t s

 A N N E    B A H R I N I P O U R   -   Painter

 B E T T I N A    H A C H M A N N   -   Painter

 C H R I S T I A N    V O N    G R U M B K O W   -   Painter

 D A N    H E P P E R L E   -   Painter

 G A B R I E L E    M U S E B R I N K   -   Painter

 J O H N    D A V I D   -   Painter

 P E T E R    R O Y E N   -   Painter

Events in the FlowFineArt Gallery


Sandra Wenderhold
Gallery Manager
  John David

Every last Sunday of the month
the Flow Fine Art Gallery in Hitdorf on the Rhine
is offering a Matinee from 11am to 3pm.

In wonderful place with exceptional Live music,
we like to lead you personally through the current exhibition

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Saturday, Sunday 3 pm-7 pm
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