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Exhibition from 25th October 2015 to 28th February 2016

Ildefonso Aguilar

A Film about the Artist and Composer

Ildefonso Aguilar, who lives and works in Lanzarote, is considered an important representative of the ecology movement on the island. Aguilar expresses his closeness to the island landscape in his paintings, musical compositions and architectural works. His themes are the four elements fire, water, air and earth. In addition to acrylic paint he uses natural materials such as volcanic ash or sand.

Between 1963 and 1968, he studied art in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In Arrecife, he taught painting and drawing for six years. Since his main field of oil painting on canvas did not satisfy him personally, he devoted himself increasingly to a lifelong passion, photography.

Over time he found his way back to painting: he had developed a new technique in which he edited photos with sand, and created surfaces with glue and grains, giving a new structure to his paintings. Soon he tried it on wood, for example the wood that has been traditionally used for shipbuilding, and in this way developed the first sand images which have a unique expression due to their own characteristics and precision.

Through his five trips to Iceland, he is now inspired by the nature of the largest volcanic island of the earth, which, despite its northern location has much in common with his homeland, especially the geological origin.

Today Ildefonso Aguilar is one of the few artists who uses the sand-technique in paintings and photographs. By many layers of fine sand, he gradually creates a landscape that reminds the viewer of Lanzarote or Iceland.



Solo exhibitions (selection)
2009 "Fragments of landscapes", Gallery Reitz, Cologne (D)
2007 "Entre Islas" (between the islands), Gallery Argenta, Valencia (ES)
  "Entre Islas", Gallery Krabbe, Frigiliana,
Málaga (ES)
2005 "essential landscape" Gallery Edurne,
Madrid (ES)
2004 "Senderos" (hiking trails), Gallery Argenta, Valencia (ES)
2003 Sala Conca, La Laguna, Teneriffa (ES)
1998 Gallery Am Domplatz, Münster (D)
  Art Forum Riehen, Riehen (CH)
  Kraftwerk Augst AG, Gallery 45, Augst (CH)
  Arco '98 (Arte Contemporáneo – contemporary art fair), Conca-Saal,
Madrid (ES)
1996 Gallery im Alten Schloss, Wehr (D)
1995 Gallery El Aljibe, El Almacén, Lanzarote (ES)
1992 Gallery Attiir, La Palma, Gran Canaria (ES)
1990 Center for modern art, Mont de Marsan (F)
1980 Gallery Limbach, Cologne (D)
1975 Casa de Colón (Kolumbushouse), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ES)
Group exhibitions (selection)
2010 "El Color de la Pintura" (the colour of painting), Gallery Mácula, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES)
2009 "Duende" (Elfe),with the artists Arne Haugen Sorensen, Antonio Valverde und Perry Oliver, Holsterbo und Thisted (DK)
2005 "Identidades" (identities), Gallery Edurne, Madrid (ES)
2004 Palacio de Santa Cruz, Valladolid (ES)
2003 "La Ciudad y los Artistas" (the city and the artists), II Lanzaroter Biennale (ES)
2000 opening exhebitions of Museo del Paisaje Español Contemporáneo,
Priego de Córdoba (ES)
1998 "Ciento y… postalicas a: Frederico Garcia Lorca", Museo de la Casa de la Moneda,
Madrid (ES)
1989 "The art of the 20th century and its techniques", Mönchehaus-Museum, Goslar (D)
1985 Arte Actual de Canarias, Madeira (POR)

Collections (selection)
Collection, Angela Reitz, Riehen, (CH)
Museum for modern Art, Goslar, (D)
Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid, (ES)

Exhibition from 12th July to 11th October 2015

Dan Hepperle - Nuances

Dan Hepperle works in the seclusion of a village in the Eifel, creating paintings with white as the main color, which requires calmness, concentration and a lot of time. He tackles the theme of light, which in its purest appearance manifests itself as the color white and points towards something non-physical, metaphysical. With endless variations he constantly creates new moods around the phenomenon of light. Space is a second important theme for his work and is reflected as a line that enters the scene, playfully dancing or more strict and straightforward. His paintings are vivid and yet centered, they apparently show little but actually they transport a lot.


Solo exhibitions (selection)
2014 K56 Bayer, Leverkusen
  Galerie "T", Middelburg, NL
2013 County Museum Blankenheim
2012 FlowFineArt Gallery, Hitdorf
2010 Galerie T, Middelburg, NL
2009 Galerie Einmalich, Roettgen
2008 Galerie Forum Lindenthal, Köln
2007 Rathaus Euskirchen
2005 Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld
  Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
  Atelierhaus Unikate, Nettersheim-Pesch
2004 Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
2003 Magdeburg / Innenministerium des Landes Sachsen-Anh.
  Warnemünde / Galerie Möller
2002 Galerie Tönnissen, Köln
  Halle Kunstwerk, Köln
2001 Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
2000 Domicil, Köln
  Rheinbraun AG, Köln
  Lichthof der VHS, Köln
1999 Junge Galerie, Dietzenbach
  Kaiser-Karl-Klinik, Bonn
  Galerie Ednubalk, Aachen
  Kunstverein Brühl
1998 Das Kunstforum der VPV, Köln
  Galerie Frederick Willems "Art in progress", Amsterdam
1997 Deutsche Bank, Köln - ART- & Mediaservice
  Köln - Landschaftsverband Rheinland
  Rheinische Kliniken, Langenfeld
1996 Haus Nordhelle, Meinerzhagen
1995 DANADA, Köln
1994 Versiko-Galerie, Düsseldorf
Joint exhibitions (selection)
2013 FlowFineArt Gallery, Hitdorf
  Seasons Galleries, Den Haag
2012 Kunstkabinett Hespert (mit Lon Pennock), Reichshof-Hespert
  Galerie T, Middelburg, NL
2011 HLP-Galerie, Köln-Wesseling
  FWBK-Galerie, Amsterdam
2010 Seasons Gallery, Den Haag, NL (gemeinsam mit Lon Pennock)
  Kunstverein Frechen (mit Lon Pennock)
2009 Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld (mit Setsuko Fukoshima)
2008 FWBK, Amsterdam (mit Lon Pennock)
2007 Kulturbunker Mülheim, Köln
  Atatürk-Kulturzentrum, Istanbul
2006 Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld
  Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
  Galerie Pohlkötter, Münster
  Kunstverein zu Frechen (Jahresgaben)
2005 Eifeler Ateliertage Kreismuseum Blankenheim
2004 Halle Kunstwerk, Köln
2003 Kölnisches Stadtmuseum Zündorfer Wehrturm
  Museum Seligenstadt
2002 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
  Galerie Tönnissen, Köln
2000 Galerie ednubalk, Aachen
  Ausstellungsort "die Werft", Köln
  Lichthof der VHS, Köln
1999 Street-Gallery, Buchhandlung Kaiser, Köln-Lindenthal
1998 Galerie Art Vivant, La Roche sur Yon, FR
  Galerie ON, Köln
1997 Musées de Verviers, Verviers (Belgien)
  Das Kunstforum der VPV, Köln
1996 Kreismuseum Blankenheim

Find more artworks in our online shop:

More Information: www.dan-hepperle.de

Exhibition from 22nd March to 21st June 2015

Gabriele Musebrink – Experimental Painting

Gabriele Musebrink's creative process begins inside as a silent dialogue, until the moment comes and an idea emerges about the form, materiality and texture of the subject and asks her to take action. The process of painting, which then usually turns out explosively, can be seen as a continuation of the previous process. The technical procedure is secondary to the inner process.

Gabriele Musebrink lets herself be guided entirely by the material of the colors, she gives space to an internal development process, so that the painting materials can help to give shape. The impasto paint application creates a sculptural, relief-like surface, reminiscent of desert earthy landscapes and erosion-torn areas, which is also caused by the colors through the use of soil, sand and minerals. Inspired by nature, her art is about what is behind the phenomenon. This creates a powerful, profound and yet joyous vitality in her works.


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More Information: www.gabriele-musebrink.de

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