P e r m a n e n t   E x h i b i t i o n

A N N E    B A H R I N I P O U R

Anne Bahrinipour's works move along the limits of abstraction, and can remind one of landscapes or figures. The artist from Witten is interested in what develops spontaneously on canvas. As she has no intention, there are no drafts and no extenuating improvements. Her works are rather internal snapshots captured on canvas or paper, the effort to freeze the movement and to stop time.

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1953 born Hilchenbach / Siegen
1974- 1980 study of the liberal arts in the FHS Cologne (Prof. Karl Marx) Examination for Design object, FHS Dortmund (Prof. G. Deppe)
1985-2002 Lecturer in life drawing in adult education
Lecturer in life drawing in adult education
painting group with cancer patients in oncology
2019 deceased in Witten
Exhibitons (Selection)
  • Gallery at Alexanderplatz Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Church in the Ruhr with the Jewish memorial "Immahot"
  • Gallery House Herbede Witten with the WKB annually
  • Zeche Nachtigal Witten
  • Zeche Zollverein Essen
  • Stadtwerkehaus Witten
  • EN-art
  • Artists exchange in South Africa, with exhibitions in 5 cities
  • Witten Art (150 Sparkasse J. Witten)
  • Forum for Young Art in Bonn
  • Kulturforum Hilchenbach
  • Mrkisches Museum Witten with the WKB 1995, 2005, 2012
  • Wiesbaden Academy for Phsychotherapie
  • Capital of Culture 2010 "powerful places"
  • Kultursommer Rheinland / Pfalz 2010 "Border Crossing"