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B E T T I N A    H A C H M A N N

Bettina Hachmann was born in 1967 in Geldern.
In 1996 she founded the art school "Malwerkstatt", and started to give art classes and workshops.
Since 1999, she has participated in many exhibitions.

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In Bettina Hachmanns work the colors white, gray and black are dominating. These colors for her are not only dark or signs of depression. They are rather a phase in the cycle of nature, where the energy is going inwards and reflection is able to happen. They are symbolizing a period without which the germination and fertilization, and the birth of new life would not be possible.

Despite the spare use of color her paintings do not appear monotonous. With energetic surface machining, color fills and blurring she creates a complexity that takes the viewer into the depths. In many of her works there is a clear reference to the landscape but more and more often these signs of landscape are reduced to the horizon area. Hachmann is interested in the question how much a landscape really needs to be recognized as such, therefore recently even the last indications are removed, with only gentle gradients remaining.

Exhibitions (Selection)
  • 2006 Mainly Landscape, local museum Issum
  • 2007 Galery Kocken, Kevelaer (E)
  • 2007 Galery Schrmann, Kamp-Lintfort
  • 2008 "Light-Shaft", "Shaft IV", Industrial museum Zeche Rheinpreuen
  • 2009 Silver Lining, In Glaskarree, Art Club Bad Godesberg
  • 2010 Until now..., Galerie Duo, Bonn and Bad Godesberg Gallery Kocken,"New and Confidant" special exhibition in cabinet of the Niederrheinischen Museum, Kevelaer
  • 2011 "Ehibition of netherland and german artists, local museum Agadir and Gallery Bastion Bab Marrakech, Essaouira
  • 2012 Galerie Flow Fine Art, Hitdorf on the Rhine Project "Rondom Marokko 2011 - Autour du Maroc
  • 2013 Galery Dalype Kultur - Helns Gl. Prstegrd, Denmark
  • 2014 Galery Schrmann
  • 2015 "Through the Night..." Galery Duo, Bad Godesberg (E)
  • 2016 Galery Bernd Bentler Bonn (E)
  • 2017 Silent Spacious Landscape Galery Sttzel-Tiedt,Goslar (G)
More Information: www.bettina-hachmann.de