P e r m a n e n t   E x h i b i t i o n

D A N    H E P P E R L E

1956 - Born in Cologne
1980-1985 - Studies in Art and Geography at the University of Cologne
with the conclusion first and 2 State Exam
in 1985 - a freelance painter
1992-1996 - Head of Youth Art Cologne
1999 - co-founder of Street Gallery Lindenthal
2000-2002 - lecturer in painting at the University of Cologne
in 2005 - co-founder of the Eifel studio days

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Light is reflected in its purest appearance as the color white and refers to something non-Physical, Metaphysical. Dan Hepperles paintings revolve around the color white. With all its infinite range of variations it allows him to create constantly new moods and sounds, which focus on light itself. Space is a second important issue for his work and is reflected as a line that enters the picture, playing, dancing, lyrical or even slightly harsh and straight.

Solo exhibitions (selection)
1994 Versiko-Gallery, Dsseldorf
1995 DANADA, Cologne
1996 Haus Nordhelle, Meinerzhagen
1997 Deutsche Bank, Cologne - ART- & Mediaservice, Cologne - Landschaftsverband Rheinland, Rheinische Kliniken, Langenfeld
1998 Das Kunstforum der VPV, Cologne,
Gallery Frederick Willems "Art in progress", Amsterdam
1999 Junge Gallery, Dietzenbach
Kaiser-Karl-Klinik, Bonn
Gallery Ednubalk, Aachen
Kunstverein Brhl
2000 Domicil, Cologne
Rheinbraun AG, Cologne
Lichthof der VHS, Cologne
2001 Gallery Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
2002 Gallery Tnnissen, Cologne
Halle Kunstwerk, Cologne
2003 Warnemnde / Gallery Mller
2003 Magdeburg / Innenministerium des Landes Sachsen-Anh.
2004 Gallery Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
2005 Gallery Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld
Atelierhaus Unikate, Nettersheim-Pesch
2007 city hall Euskirchen
2008 Gallery Forum Lindenthal, Cologne
2009 Gallery Einmalich, Roettgen
2010 Gallery T, Middelburg, NL

Joint exhibitions (selection)
1996 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
1997 Muses de Verviers, Verviers (Belgien)
Das Kunstforum der VPV, Cologne
1998 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
Gallery Art Vivant, La Roche sur Yon, FR
Gallery ON, Cologne
Das Kunstforum der VPV, Cologne
1999 Street-Gallery, Buchhandlung Kaiser, Cologne-Lindenthal
2000 Gallery ednubalk, Aachen
Ausstellungsort "die Werft", Cologne
Lichthof der VHS, Cologne
2002 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
Gallery Tnnissen, Cologne
2003 Cologneisches Stadtmuseum Zndorfer Wehrturm
Museum Seligenstadt
Kreismuseum Blankenheim
Gallery Tnnissen, Cologne
2004 Halle Kunstwerk, Cologne
2005 Eifeler Ateliertage Kreismuseum Blankenheim 2006 - Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld
Gallery Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
Gallery Pohlktter, Mnster
2. Eifeler Ateliertage
Gallery im alten Kloster, Cologne (Porz-Zndorf)
Kunstverein zu Frechen (Jahresgaben)
2007 Kulturbunker Mlheim, Cologne
Atatrk-Kulturzentrum, Istanbul
2008 FWBK, Amsterdam (with Lon Pennock)
2009 Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld (with Setsuko Fukoshima)
Eifeler Ateliertage (with Setsuko Fukoshima)
2010 Seasons Gallery, Den Haag, NL (gemeinsam with Lon Pennock)
Kunstverein Frechen (gemeinsam with Lon Pennock)
2011 HLP-Gallery, Cologne-Wesseling
Gallery ART-IST, Castrop-Rauxel
FWBK-Gallery, Amsterdam
2012 Kunstkabinett Hespert (with Lon Pennock), Reichshof-Hespert
Gallery T, Middelburg
Qnstkwadrate in der Qnstvitrine, Bertha von Suttner Platz 2-4, Bonn