P e r m a n e n t   E x h i b i t i o n

L O N  P E N N O C K

Lon Pennock sculptures, mostly from steel or bronze, act in spite of their static nature, as if they could move at any moment. The precision of the arrangement together with the geometric playfulness leave the viewer room for interpretation. Pennock's main theme is the language of the material. So because of their subtle development, it seems as if his impressive sculptures come out of nothing.

Represented in private and public collections in the Netherlands, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia. Numerous sculptures in public spaces in the Netherlands and in France.

1945 born in The Hague
1962-1967 Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
1967-1968 National School of Fine Arts, Paris
1969 van Hulten-prijs (Hulten Price)
1969 Jacob Maris Award
1973 Scholarship Ministry of Culture
1979 Scholarship Ministry of Culture

Selection of exhibitions
1969 Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague Young Netherlandish Art, Maastricht / Heerenveen
1971 Art from The Hague in Helsinki, Helsinki
Deutsche Bank, Siegen
1972 International Market for Contemporary Art, Dsseldorf
1973 XXIIIe Salon of Young Sculpture, Paris
1976 Art '76, Basel
1977 Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
1979 Art '79, Art Basel Progressieve Haagse
1982 Hofstee Gallery, Frankfurt
1989 Arte y Sistimatico Constructivo, Madrid Null-Dimension, Gmunden
1990 Manifestatie Melnikov, Moscow
1991 Redukta, Centrum voor Hedendaagse kunst, Warsaw
2002 Art Frankfurt, Octagon Gallery
2004 Theo Zinck Museum, Kaiserslautern
Art Forum, Erfurt
2008 ESSEN, Eifel Duitsland Witteveen Gallery, Art Amsterdam
2010 Art Club Frechen, Cologne
Talbot Gallery, Paris
2012 Art Cabinet Hespret, Reichshof
KUBA, Nettersheim
Wack Gallery, Kaiserslautern