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Gabriele Musebrink was born in Essen in 1955. From 1975 till 1983 she studied arts - among other subjects at Folkwang School in Essen-Werden and at the Comprehensive University Essen.

In 1983 she moves into a loft apartment in the south of Essen. The rooms were used as a studio before already, among others by one of her former professors, Rudolf Knubel and originally belonged to a printery. In 1996 she expands and moves into further parts of the building complex: That is the start of her present studio plus the rooms for her "Hofwerkstatt" (courtyard working shop) with the integrated artschool Musebrink.

From 1983 till 1992 after having finished her studies she first is self- employed as a graphic and visual artist, leads workshops in "free painting", arranges exhibitions for the Diocese of Essen, the Old Synagoge Essen, the Archaeological Museum Altenessen at that time and then apart from being self-employed works on a regular basis for the Ruhrlandmuseum Essen for eight years arranging exhibitions (emphasis on room-installations and graphic arts).
In 1992 she hands in her notice to be self-employed again exclusively. She stays a resident in Essen. Until 2002, however, together with her then husband she stays in Montescudaio (Italy) for longer periods. On her own she goes on walks in Norway and stays for some time. Italy as well as Norway touch deepest layers of her soul and the experiences of that time inspire her to a high materialization in her paintings.
In 1997 she sets up the "Hofwerkstatt" in the courtyard of the former printery with her own artschool - it is a cultural institution for arts, for exhibitions and far-eastern movement and concentration disciplines. About 10 teachers are working in her school. With this school a vision of hers comes true: a school that doesnt play the schoolmaster but views a problem from different sides. From 2000-2005 she was in intensive process work with the German-English advaita teacher OM C. Parkin, together with her former partner Hans Steinke, a teacher of consciousness work. This training was fundamentally clearing and building up strength in her life: the eye-opener to an expanding view of the inner life. In Manuel Schoch, healer and founder of the time Therapy she in 2008 recognized the simple existence and being in good keeping in everything.
Since a few years she appears at public art events, where she demonstrates to people, how she works. She exposes herself to questions of the public concerning techniques, courage, authenticity and creativity. Her exhibition activities so far covered Germany and Europe.

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Exhibitons (Selection)
  • 2008 Maison des Comtes, Sauve, LArt dinattendu (France)
  • 2009 Exhibition Gallery Bild&Raum in Kunstbunker (Germany)
  • 2011 artteams, international exhibtion Oostende, "The Art Lounge" (Belgium)
  • 2012 Akademie Mont Cenis, Herne, "paintings on the way" (Germany)
  • 2012 Gallery Flow Fine Art, Hitdorf on the Rhine (Germany)