P e r m a n e n t   E x h i b i t i o n

W E R N E R    S C H L E G E L

The paintings and sculptures of Werner Schlegel indicate the transcendental, the source of life. They show a constantly reinterpreted theme: the play of silence with distinctions and its contrasts. Whereas in the paintings organic surfaces and straight lines meet, in the sculptures wood and steel, edge and curve are pitted against each other. Werner Schlegel's works are presented in many public collections, e.g. in the Mnchehaus Museum for Modern Art Goslar.

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1953 born in Greiz / Thüringen
1976-1980 University studies in Art and Sports
since 1982 Teacher in grammar school in Johanneum / Wadersloh
1993 marriage with Nicole Horvatic
1994 birth of his sun Lasse
1995-1997 Teaching of sculpting at university in Paderborn

Exhibitions (selection)
2007 "sculpter and drawing" Westflisches Kinderdorf e.V., Paderborn
  "sculpter and drawing" Gallery VHS in Essen
2008 "New Works", Museum Abtei Liesborn
"sculpter and drawing" l'Aire du Cormoran
2009 "Small Monuments 2" MK21 Gallery Hamburg
"3 Installations" Artclub in Gtersloh
2010 Altar Installation, St. Elisabeth-Hospital in Beckum
"Werner Schlegel bei K R", Krger und Rehmann
2011 "sculpter and drawing" Hanning & Karl, Oerlinghausen
"10 years Gallery Kramer", Bremen
2012 "new works" Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Bremen
"new works" Gallery Mnsterland, Emsdetten
"new works" city gallery, Iserlohn
More Information: www.werner-schlegel.de